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Pilates Small Group Classes

This class is taught by:

Sarah Gereghty

Sarah Gereghty is a STOTT certified Pilates instructor and has 15 years of dance experience, specializing in ballet. Drawing from this experiemce she is able to help her students become aware of their body to gain stregnth and ease of movement. She helps them to build their core muscles- using core muscles in every movement in class, and eventually in all live movement.With her kinesthetic knowledge of anatomy and how the muscles move, Sarah will help her students to build a lengthened and strengthened body. She has worked with a wide range of students, from other dancers to students recovering from injury, she has taught beginning students as well as advanced students. Sarah has worked in Northern California, Wichita, New York and San Diego.

Nanci Tunley

Nanci is a Level 2 STOTT Pilates instructor who has been teaching Pilates for 5 years. After spending the first eight years of her professional life in the software development industry, Nanci decided to make an ambitious change into health and fitness. Familiar with the sit-all-day lifestyle, Nanci took one Pilates session and knew this amazing form of exercise would be her future. She spent the next two years taking classes and mastering the popular exercise technique she now loves to share with clients. Nanci’s teaching experienced has been diverse: she has worked with professional athletes suffering from a variety of injuries and also helped new mothers regain their pre-pregnancy strength. She believes there is no better form of exercise that can help an individual achieve achieve true health and fitness. She's helped numerous clients reach their goals, whether it is to achieve stronger abdominals and firmer behinds, or being able to move without knee or back pain. She has a special style of training, which leaves people wondering where the time has gone and looking forward to their next session. Nanci is a real San Diego native, too! Aside from Pilates she also is a CHEK Holistic Lifestlyle Coach teaching people to embrace whole foods, proper sleep and stress relief.

Julie Lively

Julie has a long history of working with movement in various capacities. First being a dancer and occupational therapist, she found her way to Pilates, Craniosacral Therapy, and the Feldenkrais Method® while rehabilitating her own injuries. Julie has a Level 1 Stott Pilates Cerification, has completed a craniosacral certification, and is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM. She specializes in the therapeutic use of pilates to rehabilitate injuries, teaches Awareness Through Movement® classes, and offers Functional Integration® lessons. Together, Julie’s studies give her a unique perspective and understanding of stillness, motion, and function.

Alicia Perez

Alicia’s ten years of experience as a personal trainer, means she boasts a wealth of experience in helping people become healthy, inside and out. Alicia studied for her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at San Diego State University where she graduated in May 2003. Alicia carries several certifications including STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor Level I and II, American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Instructor Certification, C.H.E.K. Level I Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and TRX Suspension Training Instructor. In addition to working at Bamboo, she is also an instructor and the Fitness Director at Marshall Eklund Fitness and Pilates. Ever driven by her passion for making the world a healthier place, in her spare time Alicia is either working out with her significant other, or researching the latest training methods and healthy recipes.

Emily Unter-King

Emily has been teaching in the mind body field for over 10 years. Her training and experience includes working as a Physical Therapy Aid, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher (RYT) and Pilates Post Rehabilitation Specialist. She turned to the STOTT Pilates method to rehabilitate a chronic injury and through the process of her own healing and training has over 4,000 hours of experience helping people strengthen their bodies from the inside out and relieve the discomfort of chronic pain and injury. Emily has worked with people of all fitness levels, ages and abilities as well as those with degenerative disc disease, bulging disc, herniation, hip replacements, scoliosis, knee, neck and shoulder pain.

Kitty James

Kitty James

Stott Pilates advanced Performance and rehab Instructor



Kitty James has lived in Coronado since 2003. She is originally from NYC where she

was raised and danced professional classical ballet for 15 years. She studied with

The Royal Academy of dance (RAD) and School of American Ballet (SAB). She also

had the opportunity to dance at Pacific Northwest Ballet and Competed in the Prix

de Lausanne in Switzerland.

Kitty first discovered Pilates while recovering from a dance injury at age 14 at The

School of American Ballet. She had multiple stress fractures on her Lumbar spine

and needed a rehab therapy method that would support her classical dance

movements and train her entire body safely.

Kitty retired from dance and had to further heal her body of chronic injuries she had

acquired and used the Pilates method to get her body back online. She moved to San

Diego in 2001 when her husband was perusing his career in the Navy.

After the birth of her 3rd child she decided to undergo her complete Stott Pilates

training and pursue her desire to teach and help others through Pilates. She had a

severe abdominal diastasis and needed to heal herself again.

This has given Kitty the opportunity to train clients for the past 4 years from the

rehabilitation level to a high performance level. She enjoys working with a variety

of clients and is excited to work at Bamboo Pilates and be so close to home!

Equipment Essentials caters to a group of 4 students and covers essential level material on the reformer, chair, and cadillac as well as small equipment such as foam rollers and balls. Use of pilates equipment enables the student to increase core stability while improving posture, flexibility, and balance.

*Tones and Strengthens muscles
*Improves balance, flexibility, and range of motion
*Creates a more streamlined body shape
*Strengthens core stability muscles
*Improves posture and lengthens spine
*Improves endurance
*Strengthens underused muscles and alleviates tension of over-developed muscles